About Us

DUCAT is developed and operated through joint efforts of Usability in Germany e.V., the Institute for Enterprise Systems and the research group “Information Systems & Service Design” headed by Prof. Mädche at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology. The objective of DUCAT is to create awareness for user-centered agility and enable companies to easily assess their status-quo.

The research group “Information Systems & Service Design” headed by Prof. Mädche focuses in research and education on designing digital service systems for enterprises and the society. Digital service systems are characterized by a strong interplay of individuals, their (organizational) environment, and information technologies.

Karlsruher Institut of Technology

InES was founded as the Institute of Enterprise Systems of the University of Mannheim. Its main goal is to study enterprise systems throughout their life cycle and to find innovative solutions and technical support.

Institute for Enterprise Systems

UIG e.V. aims to academically substantiate and distribute best practices, in order to improve software development and software usage in medium-sized companies. The association's goal is to establish a network and user-oriented based development and usage of software, consisting of medium-sized companies, service providers, consultants, academic institutes and other experts and relevant stakeholders.

Usability in Germany