Do you know how user-centric you are?

Find out. And learn to improve it.

agility and user-centered performance

Our tool helps you to manage your agile performance.

Your journey towards user-centricity in four steps.

1. Create a Project

2. Start the data collection

3. Finish the assessment

4. Analyze the results

5 top features you will benefit from!


Investigate your team's perspective and processes. Complement results with your users' perceptions of your product. The results will help the team to drive autonomy and self-organize.


Start right now! - Quickly set up an account and start collecting your data. Get Insights from your team or your users. Combined, they give you a holistic view.

User Experience

The use of web-based technology makes it easy to access. The easy navigation and simplistic design make the tool delightful to use.


As you complete modules within the tool, you get access to the benchmarks within the database. The comparison shows you the strength and improvement areas.

Free Registration

Currently, we do not charge for the use of our tool. It is free and there are no hidden costs. Valuable feedback helps us to improve the tool.